The Ayn Rand Institute published several hundred op-eds from about 1989-2013. The titles and authors of these op-eds reside in the Ayn Rand Archives. However, most of the texts were not saved. I published somewhere around 40 of these, but I could only find 17 in my hard drive. I have chosen 10 of these here. They cover a wide range of topics.

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The Palestinian Choice

There will be no peace in the Middle East unless freedom rather than despotism becomes the Palestinians’ guiding philosophy. By Edwin A. Locke The toll of violence in the Middle East is a tragedy. The whole world, including President Bush, is...

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America's Early Presidents Were Admirable Men of Principle-- Let us Hope we can Find More Like Them By Edwin A. Locke On Presidents Day, most Americans would like to celebrate the men who have been leaders of the greatest country in the world....

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The Greatness of Western Civilization

BY EDWIN A LOCKE | 30 SEP 2004 In this age of diversity-worship, it is considered virtually axiomatic that all cultures are equal. Western culture, claim the intellectuals, is in no way superior to that of African tribalists or Eskimo seal...

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The Government vs. Rights: Janet Reno’s Fascism

BY EDWIN A. LOCKE AND RICHARD M. SALSMAN | 29 APR 2000 On July 4, 1776, the Founding Fathers forged a moral and political revolution. They declared for the first time in history that men do not exist to serve the government, but rather that the...

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The Meaning of Jack Welch’s Cave-In

BY EDWIN A LOCKE | 19 SEP 2002 On Sept. 14 the Wall Street Journal carried an article by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, concerning the public furor over his post-retirement benefits package. In it he explained that he was offered...

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by Edwin Locke and Onkar Ghate | May 18, 2005 Despite worldwide adoration and attention focused on Pope John Paul II and his successor, and now the Vatican’s decision to expedite John Paul’s possible canonization, few have asked an obvious...

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The Terrorists’ Motivation: Islam

BY EDWIN A. LOCKE AND ALEX EPSTEIN | 24 JUL 2005 The continued attacks by Islamic terrorists against the West–most recently, the horrific suicide bombings in London–have led many to ask, what is the motivation of the terrorists? Commentators...

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Bush’s Tax Cut Plan is Both Moral and Practical

By Edwin A. Locke Even before Bush's new tax cut plan was announced, it had become a source of confusion and conflict. The anticipated plan was attacked by some as immoral, because it would give the rich too many benefits and by others as...

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